Waarom je bij stress infecties minder goed aan kan pakken

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Waarom je bij stress infecties minder goed aan kan pakken

Berichtdoor bamboe » Za 7 Apr 2012 11:48

For anyone who’s ever suffered what seems like an unending cold or flu while they’re in the middle of an extended emotional crisis, scientists now believe they know why you’re more vulnerable to illness during high-stress times. According to CNN Healthland, a hormone released when we feel anxious is to blame.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that temporarily suppresses the immune system, reducing the body’s natural inflammatory response to viruses and bacteria. Chronic stress throws that response out of whack, leaving the immune system vulnerable and weak. That’s why stressed people are more susceptible to the common cold, researchers say. The cold symptoms—coughing and sneezing—are not caused directly by the cold virus, but as a byproduct of the body’s inflammatory response.

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