MYCOPLASMA REGISTRY for GWS & chronic fatigue syndrome

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MYCOPLASMA REGISTRY for GWS & chronic fatigue syndrome

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MYCOPLASMA REGISTRY for gulf war syndrome & chronic fatigue syndrome


— Do not take any antibiotics at least one month or longer before a PCR blood test. The antibiotics will remove most of the infection from the blood, reducing the chances of amplifying the specific genetic sequences needed for an accurate result.

— Do not take vitamins, herbs or supplements that boost the immune system and/or kill mycoplasmas. Examples would be colloidal silver, flax seed oil, fish oils, vitamin C, IP6, immune boosters, garlic, transfer factor, olive leaf extract, etc. Unfortunately, no research exists to guide patients on how long they should avoid these products before drawing blood.

— Patients should never begin antibiotic treatment before being tested for a mycoplasmal infection. Some patients start antibiotics before being tested to see if they will show improvement. If they improve, they often refuse to stop using antibiotics before taking a PCR test due to relapses. Unfortunately, once antibiotics are started, the risk increases for getting a false PCR result, even if the patient stops taking antibiotics later. This leaves patients unsure of their exact infection, preventing them from taking the most effective antibiotic. Without a positive test result, physicians often refuse to prescribe long term antibiotics.

("Marshall Protocol" Vitamin D) C3a and C5a Test

Marshall Protocol Vitamin D test betekent: beide Vit.D metabolieten. Vit.D3 (25-OH) en Vit.D 1,25-dihydroxy.

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