Borrelia DNA in borstvoeding

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Berichtdoor Niek » Ma 10 Jul 2006 9:14

RobertF schreef:Ik zie nu meer patienten die positief zijn op Bartonella omdat ze zich laten testen.

Ik denk dat dit inderdaad het topje van de ijsberg is; en vermoedelijk zijn er nog diverse andere coinfecties die helemaal (nog) niet te detecteren zijn. Omdat er veel overeenkomst is in symptomen en behandeling voor Borrelia infecties en coinfecties, zou het bij een goede beoordeling en behandeling op basis van klinische verschijnselen allemaal niet zo'n probleem moeten zijn. Bij de diverse Borrelia soorten zijn er onderling tenslotte ook verschillen in ziekte verschijnselen, optimale behandeling etc.

Ik ben zelf van plan om mij na mijn huidige behandeling (o.a. 6 weken rocephin dagelijks 2 gram) zekerheidshalve te laten testen op coinfecties, wat ik vooraf niet heb gedaan omdat alles op 'gewone' Lyme leek en uit de test duidelijk bleek dat ik een Borrelia infectie heb. De rocephin heeft bij mij trouwens wel resultaat, maar de vraag is of dit blijvend is.

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Re: Borrelia DNA in borstvoeding

Berichtdoor bamboe » Do 6 Sep 2012 23:50

Lymearts Dietrich Klinghardt over borstvoeding als de moeder de ziekte van lyme heeft;

Breast feeding is another big one. If you have a Mom with Lyme Disease and she is breastfeeding. I have stopped a few Moms from breastfeeding. I know it is an unpopular thought. We are checking two things in breastmilk. We are checking PBDE’s – that’s a chemical from flame retardant that’s now in all breastmilk. Breastmilk is fat, FDA study on it that shows in general American breastmilk is now so toxic that you are not allowed to flush it down the toilet. If you want to dispose of it, it has to be disposed of in a special landfill when you take the toxic criteria of breastmilk – of the general established criteria for it. The PBDE’s – we are checking for that with a lab in Texas…………’s a little bit difficult because it needs to be in a glass container, the early milk that shows it the best, you send it in.. Unfortunately we find it in most women in high levels.

You need to also be aware that when Mom has Lyme Disease and toxic milk for other reasons, it may be a good idea not to breastfeed. I am taking that position today, I may change it again. But just the general push that breastfeeding is better than not breastfeeding is just not true anymore from a scientific point of view. It was a complete lie in the sixties, when we told women to not breastfeed. But today, breastmilk is mostly fat and fat accumulates fat soluble toxins, and so breastmilk has become a dangerous item and it is a very, very difficult decision to make. We had a baby two years ago, of course we breastfed, and we found that you can completely clean up the breastmilk from the environmental toxins by giving Mom a high dose of chlorella. That is something we have shown. In fact, the breastmilk turns green if you give Mom a lot of chlorella. Breastmilk gets a greenish shine to it showing that the chlorella does end up in the greastmilk. We did a couple of breastmilks and could show that it completely removes the known toxins from it --- which is a wonderful discovery. But we also know that Lyme Disease is passed on and it’s not every day; it follows the lunar cycle, so every time the full moon comes, your Lyme cysts and spirochetes are transmitted to the breastmilk and into the fetus and we know that most babies handle it well. Most babies are asymptomatic until high up into their teens before the symptoms start. But they may start earlier and earlier because of the co-toxicity from other issues. ... opic=11983

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Re: Borrelia DNA in borstvoeding

Berichtdoor Tulipano » Wo 20 Mar 2013 23:03 ... me-disease


Just to clear up any confusion, the antigenic material of the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, is transferred into human breastmilk. While there has yet to be a case in which an infant was infected through a mother’s milk, it is not known if that genetic material is infectious or not. Thus, it is recommended that if the mother is diagnosed post-partum or while breastfeeding, she should seek immediate treatment and withhold breastfeeding until beginning an appropriate antibiotic regimen. The recommended antibiotic for the treatment of Lyme disease in non-pregnant adults is doxycycline, however, doxycycline is not ideal for breastfeeding mothers due to its long half-life and greater uptake into human milk than alternative treatments. Other antibiotics such as amoxicillin, cefuroxime, clarithromycin and azithromycin are preferred since their levels of transmission into breastmilk have been measured and are minimal.

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Re: Borrelia DNA in borstvoeding

Berichtdoor Rotterdam73 » Ma 27 Mei 2013 17:50

Kunnen we bij het onderwerp borrelia dna in borstvoeding blijven?

Wie heeft dit en wie heeft er wel geen borstvoeding gegeven?

Wat deed dit wel of niet met de baby?

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