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One of the most challenging difficulties we face today is that of detoxification
of the brain and CNS after exposure to neurotoxins from infection, toxic mold,
chemicals, and heavy metals. Polymorphism of methylation enzymes may occur
after toxic exposure, impacting DNA expression, detoxification, neurotransmitter
balance, myelination, growth and rejuvenation in both adult and pediatric populations.
The toxic burden becomes overwhelming as the patient’s methylation and
EFA status, along with cellular function, are all compromised.
The PK Protocol™ and Detoxx™ System, developed by Dr. Patricia Kane,
provides health care professionals safe and efficient detoxification methods through
targeted supplementation and intravenous therapy, by supporting membrane phospholipids,
methylation and sulfation which are crucial for positive patient outcomes.
Our approach to detoxification is from a cell membrane perspective, with
respect to essential fatty acid metabolism, establishing phospholipid stability. Thus
the health of the cell, the body and brain are stabilized.

The PK Protocol™ is a new, clinically proven method to reach the systemic
nature of neurotoxic and toxic syndromes and is applicable for patients presenting
refractory heavy metal burdens, microbial infections, toxic mold exposure, CFIDS,
Lyme, Fibromyalgia, MS, IBS, Autism, Depression, ALS, Psychosis, Stroke, Environmental
Illness, Mood Disorders, Hypercoagulation, Parkinson’s, Cardiovascular
Disease, Hepatitis C and to increase longevity.

Detoxifying Lyme By Patricia Kane, Ph.D. ... ct2003.pdf

In our experience, patients with Lyme often suffer
for many years without significant response to medical
intervention for their illness.The brain fog,joint
pain, intense fatigue, poor memory/concentration,
and disorientation continue endlessly with course
after course of antibiotic therapy.
In our clinic we begin with an innovative protocol
to mobilize and remove Lyme along with co-infections
that complicate the patients' progress. Lyme is
a fat soluble infection that may reside in fatty tissue,
the liver, the biliary tree and gall bladder. Hidden in
the fatty tissue rather than in blood,testing for Lyme
results in negative findings whether PCR, ELISA
(IgG, IgM), Lyme Dot Blot,or Reverse Western Blot is
utilized. Treatment procedures must be targeted
towards removal of deeply embedded infection in
the liver, biliary tree and gall bladder.

We monitor Lyme patients with some basic testing:
C h e m - 2 8 / C B C ,B o dyBio Red Cell Lipid A n a ly s i s ,U ri n a ry
N e u ro t ra n s m i t t e rs and the Visual Contrast Te s t .
Our regimen includes dietary changes with emphasis
on nutrient dense foods such as seeds, nuts,freerange
eggs, balanced 4:1 omega 6 to omega 3 oil,
organic protein foods,and green leafy vegetables.All
grain/flour, sugar, processed foods, and hydrogenated
fats are removed. Supplementation is targeted
towards cleansing the liver with the short chain fat
butyrate and phosphatidylcholine. Building a strong
nutritional foundation is paramount and is accomplished
by raising the mineral base, stabilizing the
electrolytes, increasing and balancing the essential
fatty acid status.We administer appropriate catalysts
(vitamins, minerals) and substrates (lipids, amino
acids) indicated by the patients' test results.

We begin IV therapy on a weekly or biweekly basis
with IV Phospholipid Exchange with Essentiale N as
500 mg and follow with a Glutathione Fast Push
1800-2500 mg. Response to IV therapy in Lyme
patients usually takes approximately 7 infusions for
significant improvement in symptoms.It is essential
that a nutrient dense, low carbohydrate diet and
a p p ro p riate supplementation is utilized. Two to
three times weekly patients are asked to perform an
Oral Liver Flush with 2 Tablespoons of PhosChol,
one capsule of Ox Bile,and several capsules of TOAfree
Cat's Claw herb.

Patient outcomes have been positive in eve ry
instance with good compliance of recommended

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