Tarwe: 23000 verschillende potentieel gevaarlijke eiwitten

Voor onderwerpen die niet met Lyme te maken hebben. Hier kan vanalles worden geplaatst. Luchtige onderwerpen zijn ook welkom.
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Tarwe: 23000 verschillende potentieel gevaarlijke eiwitten

Berichtdoor bamboe » Zo 2 Jun 2013 21:36

Wheat Contains Not One, But 23K Potentially Harmful Proteins
[...]it is capable of producing no less than 23,788 different proteins - a fact as amazing as it is disturbing.[i]
[...]the immune system identifies a wheat protein as other, launches either an innate or adaptive immune response, and attacks self-structures accidentally, as a result.

So, if only one protein could incite an adverse reaction, what would 23,000 different proteins do when presented to the body for processing simultaneously? And what if many of these wheat proteins were disulfide-bonded proteins, that is, "glued" together (Remember, gluten is the Latin word for glue) with the same, sturdy sulfur-based bonds found in human hair and vulcanized rubber – (think bowling ball plastic tough!) – which is to say, impossible for our digestive system to break down fully?*
http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/wheat- ... l-proteins

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