Senior Olympian Overcomes Paralysis&Near Death to win Silver

Medische onderwerpen die betrekking hebben op de ziekte van Lyme, maar die niet passen bij "Wetenschap", met vragen, informatie en discussie over bijv. preventie, symptomen, diagnose en behandeling.
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Senior Olympian Overcomes Paralysis&Near Death to win Silver

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News from New Jersey:


[Futuristic Genomics and new Molecular Medicine made it possible]

More than a dozen years ago when Veny Musum, Senior Vice President of John Paul Mitchell Systems, founding member of The NJ Council on Physical Fitness & Sports & Vice President of The Lanford Foundation - Lifelyme, Inc., collapsed in the hallway of his house from relentless crushing pain from chronic Lyme disease, going to the Senior Olympics had to be the furthest thing from his mind. Just making it through another day was all he was trying to do.

Yet, on Sunday, September 12thhe not only found his way back to attempt competing in The Senior Olympics, he won a Silver Medal in the 800-meter track event!

“I have the absolutely brilliant work of molecular scientist Trevor Marshall, PhD and my heroic doctor, Lesley Fein, Caldwell, NJ to thank for this miracle!”

Musum explains he went to over 20 different doctors and tried everything from naturopathic medicine to IV’s in his chest via a catheter for over four straight years to get his health back. Nothing worked like this new protocol based on genomics and molecular biology Dr. Marshall has pioneered.

Dr. Trevor Marshall will be Chairing a session at the prestigious http://www.DNAday.comto be held in China in April of next year celebrating the 50thanniversary of the discovery of DNA by Watson and Crick in 1951. The event is replete with a list of Nobel Prize Winners and will clearly be one of the seminal scientific meetings in the world in the foreseeable future.

Musum appeared on both PBS and NJN News in addition to being part of a Sunday front page story in The Star Ledgerand in his local paper, The Bernardsville Newsas just some of the State’s media that have taken note of his struggle and astonishing road back to health. “Almost everything you think you know about Lyme disease and more importantly, chronic illness in general is misleading at best” he remarks.

In addition to this, Musum is Chairman of The NEI (NeuroEndocrineImmune) Center, http://www.nei.coman organization seeking to establish a first in the world center to bring this type of breathtaking, revolutionary medicine to the general population. The protocol has been shown to be effective in at least 50 different heretofore imponderable chronic illnesses that range from neurological, dermatological, rheumatological, psychological, gastroenterological, etc.

The success rate is close to 90% which is unheard of for all those in the clinical cohort.
On the political front, Musum and his colleagues have garnered overwhelming
backing from all branches of government.

Recently formal Resolutions in support of the establishment of a center for chronic illness initiated by Senator Kip Bateman and Deputy Speaker Upendra Chivukula got unprecedented support. Co-prime sponsorship by the Chairman of the NJ Assembly Health Committee, Herb Connelly and NJ Senate Health CommitteeChair, Loretta Weinberg helped gain UNANIMOUS votes of support for both AR202 in The Assembly (78-0) and SR20 in The Senate (38-0). Both the former and current Governor are aware of the groups work as well as both United State Senators and many US Congressman from our State.

Executive Director of the New Jersey Conference of Mayors, Al LiCata has also been a strong supporter. “It’s heartening to see such incredible bi-partisan support from every level of government at the local, State and Federal level Musum remarked. It shows when an issue of this importance is raised and a clear solution is offered, every elected official is willing to step forward. ”

Though a long time athlete, captain of his high school football team, former power lifter and competitive cyclist, Musum was frankly unsure of himself at the starting line in our State’s Senior Olympic Games. “My wife Patty and I have been through so much horror for so long, I didn’t know if I was ready. We all have those doubts and fears and I made up my mind to face them head on and just do my best.” Then the gun sounded and for three quarters of the race Musum was right in the front pack. “I almost surprised myself at being able to keep up with the other athletes.” Surely they had not needed to overcome what Musum had been through. Then at the 600-meter mark he hit a wall and felt he could barely go on. “In my mind I even thought of quitting the race. I had to even slow to stop and walk a few step to regain my breath and strength. Then I said, I MUSTN’T GIVE UP! So many need HOPE who are still suffering this very day!” He began to run again but now with a purpose that would see him through to the end. He crossed the finish line! Just accomplishing that, in his mind, Musum had won. He feels every one of the Senior Olympians is a true winner just for being there and trying their best.

Being the first competitive track event in his life, Musum was not sure what to expect next. He made his way over to the scorer’s table. In the Senior Olympics everyone competes against their age group, so it is not easy to know immediately who the winner in each group is. He glanced at the scorer’s sheet quickly and thought he did not earn a top spot. Then in a while he got a better look and saw the #2 next to his name. He wondered, if that meant what he thought – what he hoped. Soon it surely was - he had indeed won a Silver Medal!

“Next to the day I married my wonderful wife, it was the happiest day ofmy life. Every step I took was to bring hope to countless others. It’s a miracle” he said.

They interviewed Musum on video at the Games and he told his personal story and of the wonderful emerging science that saved his life. When the President of The Games, Mike Garamella heard about it, in an unprecedented move, he awarded Musum companion “Honorary” Silver Olympic medals to give to both Doctor Fein and Doctor Marshall. Musum was moved to tears.

“Once and for all” he said, “this definitely PROVES how powerful the Marshall Protocol is and how it works when nothing else for over a decade did.

“God Bless doctors’ Fein and Marshall for what they are doing. They are brilliant, courageous and caring and we simply MUST bring these new breakthroughs in Molecular Genomic Medicine to the millions of others suffering with chronic illness with all speed. Millions are depending on it.”

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